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What are the angels trying to tell you?

  Angel Numbers 101 111 – Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. The sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright […]

Calling a Committee Meeting

What do successful business people do when faced with questions about operations, growth, next steps? They pull their best people to the table and have a committee meeting to hash things out. More great minds, more potential solutions, right? You’re probably thinking, “But, I don’t have access to such a group of people!”  What if I […]

Blessings everywhere!

I love my work! I was recently honored to marry this wonderful couple, who began as clients of mine just a few years ago. When I stop and take note of my professional journey, I can’t help but feel like a fairy godmother who gets to roam around and share in the blessings, love and transformations […]

Let Your Energy Flow

Psychic and spiritual energy is fragile. It is shy. Spiritual energy is like a little child waiting to be attended and loved. So often, we are bombarded with unimportant information through television and social media, that we forget to become informed of ourselves. When we experience this detachment from the loving self, we lose sight […]

Superfood Chaga Fudge

What is chaga you ask? Let me sum it up for you. Chaga, aka “king of the medicinal mushrooms,” is the single most powerful healing herb in the world, according to David Wolfe, and has the remarkable ability to: Fight cancer and detoxify radioactive and chemotherapeutic agents Create super-immunity against viruses while fighting allergies and asthma […]

Kombucha vs. Soda

Our psychic and mental awareness can be negatively affected by some of the most prevalent products in most supermarkets today. The psychic energy we have is a fragile, gentle thing that needs care and healthy treatment just like the rest of our bodies. With this is mind, it is important to remember that things like […]

Statin Nation FREE Premier This Weekend

I recently watched a documentary entitled, Statin Nation. It’s an eye-opener about the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. We’ve all been taught that low cholesterol is good for our hearts and that high cholesterol causes heart disease and heart attacks, right? According to this documentary, these statements are nowhere near the truth. In fact, […]