The Mask You Live In: An Exploration of American Masculinity

As I ask the question, “Why Vegas?” this is what has surfaced for me: Monsters are not born. They are made. It is too easy in our armchair psychology culture to label, blame and dismiss the real problems seething under the surface. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 90% of homicide perpetrators are male?

Folks, we have a problem. Our men are in pain and we are all complicit as a society. This is a teachable moment that begs our attention. If you choose to be part of a solution, I urge you to watch this powerful, enlightening and compassionate documentary, “The Mask You Live In.” You can find it on YouTube and Netflix.

Stats: 94% of mass homicides are committed by males
The youngest shooter was 11 years old
The rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011

Use your TV for something good and take this opportunity to understand the deeper issue. As a culture, we have perpetuated this and as a culture, we can change it.

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