Psychic Games #1: Who’s in the photo?

It’s time to play! Take a moment to center your body, quiet your mind and go to that child-like place in yourself that houses your imagination and intuition, where judgment is suspended and everything is possible.

With your eyes closed, bring your attention to your body. Notice your breathing. Breathe a little deeper. Where is your mind? Is it becoming more quiet and present? Good. Stay there for a minute or so…

Now, with eyes wide, observe the photo. Gaze at the woman in the photo as if you’re daydreaming about her.

Allow the following questions to spark your psychic or intuitive hits about her:

  • What do you sense about her?
  • What story does her face tell?
  • What does her posture say?
  • What do you feel when you gaze into her eyes?
  • Do you like her?
  • Can you trust her?
  • What feelings do you have about her?
  • Where is she from? What time period?
  • What is her energy about?
  • What does she do for a living?
  • Do you get any images or objects showing up?
  • What surrounds her?
  • Who surrounds her?
  • What would she say to you if you had a conversation with her?
  • Daydream, imagine, be where she is. What’s going on? Do you get any names? Places?

Close your eyes again and receive any other bits of information, visions, thoughts, impressions, sounds or smells. Simply allow this information to enter your body, your mind.

Now, go to the COMMENTS section below and record ALL the impressions you receive, no matter what comes up. Just go with it and have fun! It is a game after all.


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