Reiki Meditation & Soundbath

Heal your mind, body and spirit, while realigning your energy every month during a sacred Reiki Healing Meditation with soundbath.

Date: Wednesday, June 27
Time: 7 PM
Location: 170 17th St. #J Pacifiv Grove, CA 93950

Since you are telepathic and empathic by nature, a Reiki Healing Meditation cleanses and balances your body temple and its energy centers or chakras, which send and receive psychic information constantly, even while you’re sleeping.

When you expose yourself to harsh environments, negative people or thinking, your energy centers become heavy with dense, dark energy, making you feel sluggish, blocked and out of balance. You also lose psychic clarity and focus. This is a normal part of our human experience.

This monthly ceremony is like a shower for your soul and part of your healthy spiritual maintenance. It will relax and rejuvenate you on every level!

Bring your favorite mat or blanket. Dress comfortably. Water and tea provided.

Please RSVP by making your payment here.

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